I was a stay-at-home mom with 4 kids and an awesome husband. Living in a wonderful area surrounded by good friends and close to family. On paper my life looked great. I was living the “dream life”. But something was missing. 

 I felt like I was on a hamster wheel; running and running with no real goal or path. Life was just happening to me. I stopped dreaming big, or even looking to the future. I truly believed that my emotions were at the mercy of others’ actions, or whether or not I thought my life was going according to plan. Sound familiar?

If you feel like you’re stuck in the current of life, but want to create your life on purpose, we need to talk!

I’m Bree, the Intentional Living Coach, specializing in helping women take control of their life and create whatever they want...intentionally.

It starts with getting to know yourself. Your wants. Your desires. Your passions. Your imperfections. And embracing all of it. Finding true confidence.  

I can help you love what you already have, while at the same time dreaming BIG! Realizing you have the power within you to create anything. 

Let’s start LIVING rather than just EXISTING.

Life coaching is a focus on the present and the future. It is an uncovering of our thoughts and taking a look at how they are ultimately creating everything in our life. 

 It is an acceptance of where we are currently, and a dive into who we want to become. Knowing we are perfect either way. It is a journey of discovery and self-awareness. It’s managing your mind, taking action, and creating amazing results.

Parenting • Weight loss • Faith struggles
Anxiety • Confidence • Money
Goal setting • And so much more

As your personal life coach, I will help you see what’s going on inside your brain. I will help you see why you’re creating what you currently have in your life, and how to take everything to the next level. My goal is to help you create the life you want, intentionally. Anything is possible!

"Working with Bree has been a life changing experience! I have learned so much about myself and reframing my thoughts to change my actions and results. Bree has helped me find healthier thoughts about my new job as a school nurse. She has helped in a situation at church by helping me realize that others judgements of me and my family cannot control my thoughts about our worth in the congregation. She has also helped me in my weight loss journey by showing me that "normal American" eating is not going to allow me to be my healthiest self. She easily connected with me and quickly found my underlying thought beliefs, then offered me different thoughts that resonated with my true and higher self. Her coaching has allowed me to be true to myself, honest but loving with my family and courageous in my work and church interactions. Her life coaching is helping me find satisfaction, happiness and value in living my true life. Thank you Bree!"  —Carol

"Coaching with Bree has been a wonderful experience! I consider myself lucky to be one of her clients. Bree uses her skills as a coach to guide her clients in the most loving way. I never feel judged or criticized in our sessions. Bree creates a safe space for her clients to express their thoughts and feelings. Bree uses coaching as an education tool for her clients. I have learned about myself and what I am creating with my own thoughts. I feel more empowered to make changes where I want to make them. More importantly, I have more acceptance for myself thanks to Bree's coaching."  —Cassandra

"Coaching with Bree is exactly what I needed in my life!  Her intuitive, sensitive listening skills have supported me through difficult personal challenges, including the loss of my husband and a medical crisis.  After working with Bree for several months I’m learning to manage my thoughts and change my mindset.  Her words resonate with me in a way that none other has. I feel confident, motivated and empowered.  I highly and without reservation recommend Bree to anyone seeking to improve and make changes toward a healthy and balanced life."  —Tawnya

"I have worked with Bree for multiple sessions. Each one is a good as the one before! She is extremely professional and skilled. After each session I am super motivated to move forward with the things we talked about. She also keeps me accountable for the things I agree to do. She is easy to work with and the sessions flow so well. I recommend her to everyone I know! Even if you don’t think you need coaching, Bree will find a way to help improve your life."  —Rachel 
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